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Expected in 2018

Every two years airs the International Hot-Air Balloon World Championship, where the best teams from around the world got qualified for. In 20I4 it took place in Brasil and two years later in Japan. Up to now the Hot-Air Balloon Club Gr. Siegharts has hosted several National Championships, including some Balloon Cups as well as some regional Championships. 

But besides that, such an event like the Hot-Air Balloon World Championship Competition has never ever taken place in Austria before, until now.

There are 150 international teams from 38 different nations competing at the Hot-Air Balloon World Championship in Gr. Siegharts. Each qualified team is manned with 3-4 people. Besides the competitors there are around 150 officials and several accredited people from around the world responsible for ensuring a fair competition in Gr. Siegharts. 

Hot Air Balloon Flights are scheduled to launch in best weather only twice daily, early morning (5 a.m.) and  late afternoon (5 p.m.). The tasks will be set for pilots to accomplish before each flight. At a set time at the end of each flight the official crew members work closely together and determine who is winning the competition. Therefor competitors will be  captured different grid positions for their next race.

There are several additional festival attractions throughout each day:

18.08.2018   Opening Event with Live music

24.08.2018   „Amazing Night Glow“ and Ö3 Disco

25.08.2018   Kids Day and Liveband

We cordially invite you to come along and have a great time.
We are looking forward to to seeing you there!



In 2018 about 40 balloons will shine against the darkness of the night. It will be a stunning event, especially by lightning up all at once.


Competitors find their own launch points and attempt to drop a marker close to a set goal or target. The result is the distance from the marker to the target. The closer you get the better you are.


Competitors attempt to drop a marker closest to a goal declared by the pilots 20 minutes before take off.. The closer you get the better you are.


Competitors attempt to drop a marker closest to a set goal selected and declared by the Event Director. 


A pre-defined balloon starts in front of the starting field of the competition pilots. The participants have to follow this. After the landing of the balloon, a target cross is laid out by him, which the competitor pilots must approach and label by dropping a marker.


The Event Director declares several set targets. It’s the pilot’s decision during the flight where to drop the marker.


Competitors try to fly the shortest distance from the common launch point in a set period on time


Competitors try to travel the greatest distance from the launch point within the maximum time allowance.


ORF 1  Sport-Bild

Best of ÖM 2017

Christine Pitschko

Be a part of Worlds - 2018

Stefan Müllner

About the event


The 23rd Hot Air Balloon World Championship will be organized and hosted by IBC Gmbh. The preparations are led by event president, Christoph Fraisl and managing director, Leopold Fraisl and their team members. 
We work closely together with the ‘
1. Waldviertler Ballonfahrer Club’ to be able to provide a fair and successful competition